Our Story

Leah Ann Messer started Beaucoup Designs 30 years ago as a young mother creating jewelry and selling it at craft shows. The company grew over the years and expanded into major Junior League shows and a small collective retail space. In 2006 we opened our own retail store, Merci Beaucoup, in Baton Rouge Louisiana, where we sold trend jewelry along with gifts, apparel, and other accessories. We quickly became a destination store for trendy teens and hip housewives.

In 2009 Leah Ann took a creative leap and designed and produced a first major line of jewelry which included monogram and charm necklaces. It was a hit! One day a sales rep came in to our store and asked about our jewelry line. She then asked if she could see about showing this line in their showroom. We decided to give it a shot and within weeks Beaucoup Designs went from being a small creative project to a full scale wholesale manufacturing company. We now create life inspired jewelry that is one-of-a-kind, and our line has grown to over 4,000 SKUs. 

Our retail store Merci Beaucoup is still in operation today, and we have added another store named Piperfields with artist-created, wedding, and vintage jewelry. Both locations feature very different merchandise offerings which enables us to use our retail stores as “test markets” where we see how our jewelry does. Our managers at the stores are the eyes and ears to our consumers and work hand in hand with our wholesale team. We really value what they say and what they see with the consumer. We take into account that information as we create new pieces for our line.

Jewelry is very meaningful to both the recipient and the gift giver, and we find it to be a great showcase for expressing true sentiments about family, friends, and life. By giving a gift of jewelry, you can really feel connected with the person you are giving it to, and our line allows you to incorporate pieces and charms that carry significance and meaning. Faith. Family. Relationships. these are things that represent truth and beauty to us.